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: 14.00-15.00, 12.00-14.00, E11  e-mail:
.: 0030 210 5381123


Yannis Psaromiligkos is professor at the Department of Business Administration, Division of Informatics and Decision Sciences, University of West Attica. The University of West Attica was created in 2018 by the merger of the former Piraeus University of Applied Sciences and the former Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Yannis Psaromiligkos before 2018 was professor at the Department of Business Administration, Division of Informatics and Quantitative Methods, Piraeus University of Applied Science (TEI Piraeus), Greece, by September 2013. From April 1999 until September 2013 he was a professor at the General Department of Mathematics, Division of Informatics, Piraeus, Greece, where he was Head of the Department for the last three years (2010-2013) and Director of the Division of Informatics for two years (2008-2010). He holds a BSc degree in Mathematics, an MSc degree in Computer Science and Operational Research from University of Athens and a PhD degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece (with Greek State Scholarship Foundation from 1987 to 1992). His research interests are in e-Learning engineering, learning analytics, evaluation in e-Learning, web engineering, object-oriented programming and modeling. He is author in more than 70 papers in international journals and conferences.He is responsible for the Moodle e-Learning Platform of the University of West Attica ( He has participated in more than 30 European and National projects.


Office Hours: Monday 14.00-15.00, Wednesday 12.00-14.00, Office E11  e-mail:
Phone: 0030 210 5381123

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